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Men's Individual Fashion publishes logo

March 28, 2015


After long preparations Men’s Individual Fashion published it’s logo. The blue sailing ship with red coloured flag and wind represents Men’s Individual Fashion and it’s values.

Men’s Individual Fashion wishes all Chinese readers a happy new year!

The year of the horse ends. The year of the goat commences. May the new Chinese year be overall lucky for you!


We wish you by heart overall success, fortune, health, a happy family, harmony, luck and fulfillment of your dreams and plans. Of course we hope you make new fashion discoveries since it affects the well-being a lot. 



February 1st, 2015


Men’s Individual Fashion intensively deals with western fashion, particularly with garments from Great Britain, France and Italy. We do recognize the big interest of many Chinese people, especially towards traditional and luxury brands from France and Italy.


Therefore Men’s Individual Fashion publishes selected articles and reports additionally in Chinese. 





Men’s Individual Fashion wishes a great and happy new year 2015 


What the new year will bring nobody knows. Maybe some might meet their dream girl, marry, make the next step in their career or travel. There are a lot of things you can commit to in the great new year of 2015. 


Men's Individual Fashion has three fashion ideas for the new year. 


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