Men’s Individual Fashion is an independent, owner managed format.


Christian Frosch is CEO and sole shareholder of the Unternehmergesellschaft (haftungsbeschränkt), a limited company under German Law with a registered capital below 25000 Euro having it’s place of business in Tübingen, Germany. There are no investments by the fashion and lifestyle industry.

Nonetheless independence is a big word. Nobody is wholly independent. We strive to have our fashion selection free from commercial interest conflicts. Men’s Individual Fashion loves to kindle men’s passion for fashion and teach fashion knowledge for typical manly life situations. Men’s Individual Fashion is a company as well. It is our approach to publish excellent articles and reports and to create revenues. There are traditional manufacturers and labels which set standards. Some fashion companies stand out or are under consideration. It refers to the information feature of this website to mention, describe and  where applicable picture them. Corresponding articles are examples and ideas. They are no advertisement and no recommendation. Men’s Individual Fashion is both interested in journalistic reports of fashion labels  and in commercial ads.

Men’s Individual Fashion neither asks nor accepts financial remuneration for journalistic articles.  If readers visit company websites via the ads on the left column of this website, Men’s Individual Fashion earns a commission for purchases on these websites. Men’s Individual Fashion accepts free of charge product samples without guaranteeing to write about them or what to write about them. If we write about a free product sample in the category "product reviews", we label the free product sample background.


Product reviews and company articles we write according to a self-developed procedure which intends to secure comparability, quality and inner independence. We constantly work on further developing our approach.