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The going out pants effect

Photo: Men's Individual Fashion/ Haarstudio Wildangel
Photo: Men's Individual Fashion/ Haarstudio Wildangel

May 8, 2015


Whoever observed the radical transformation an attractive lady undergoes when putting on sexy clothes, highheels and tight pants which altogether is capable of taking a man’s breath, can learn a lot from this concept. 


Yesterday, I actually nearly did not recognize a friend who was on his way to a date. As a Southern European guy and loyal reader of this webpage he does know that a little fragrance, some good garments, the right colours assist during special occasions. These things give like an armour a different self-esteem which results in having a wonderful time. 

Where to start with the style improvement? What should you focus on?

Details do matter

We men often think, we have to upgrade our whole life. Building up three kilos of muscles, change style completely, make everything better. Long term is is for sure great, but short time it does not work. And women are not that way.

They care a lot about details and react on them. Many little improvements help more than „changing everything“ or wearing the one extraordinary garment, but neglecting the rest of the outfit. Women recognizes holes in jumpers, unironed shirts or dirty shoes. The fact that they don’t tell you and you don’t realized how they check you out, does not mean that they don’t realize immensely how a guy chooses an outfit and takes take of it. 

The most common mistakes when dressing for a date


#4 Not being yourself


Not being yourself is apart from lousy shoes an absolute deady fashion sin on dates. Latest since Will Smith told us in „Hitch, the date doctor“ we know that „being yourself“ sometimes is a very fluent concept. Anyway your style should reflect your personality.


Women do want a real man who is authentic and no outfit from a catalogue and even less a fake image. That the garments should reflect. An acquaintance of mine is rather the guy doing for a walk through the woods and craftsman, but he dresses like a businessman. Not surprisingly he has massive issues with the ladies, because he sends an inconsistent picture of himself. And ladies do realize this. 



#3 Underestimating accessories

Accessories tell a lot about someone. Women consider a lot the details and whether a man is authentic („real“). Accessories are your best friend here. By contrast, if somebody wears odd accessories or run down ones, this guy builds up a diffuse picture of himself.


#2 Overdoing

Overdoing is something worth setting on the very top of this list. Even though media, advertisement and plenty of people tell you differently, just one sentence: Manly attractiveness does not refer to appearance. It is the behaviour and character which excite the ladies. The level of care and fashion should reflect the interest towards the particular lady and express the own self respect and personality. Nothing more. 


The classic is too much fragrence. Men tend to be of the opinion what a lot causes plenty of results. To the contrary, it is rather that way, that a little of everything assists in causing results. 


# 1 Lousy shoes


Lousy, dirty or damaged shoes destroy an appearance. Ladies observe shoes right down to the last detail. On dates I regularly experienced that ladies first looked at the shoes and in case they approve them, immediately start smiling. I had a time in which I was interested in what my girlfriends provoked them to get interested in me at the every beginning. Most of them told me, it were the shoes which made a good first impression (some other aspects of preventing men from making a good impression without intent and need will be revealed here in the time to come). 


The shoes define the man


I realized that the quality of the shoes often makes the outfit. The shoe tells you everything about the style of a man. A decent pair of shoes outweighs an unshaved guy with non-ironed shirt. The other way round, type fitted style and extra careful body care never ever make up lousy shoes: The shoe defines the man. This is one of the reasons, why Men’s Individual Fashion publishes a solitary category dealing with man’s shoes. 

Due to the outstanding role of fine shoe selection and conscientious care for man's wardrobe Men's Individual Fashion publishes an extraordinary solitary category dealing with man's shoes. 


Shoe category...

What women want


What women want is a big question and beyond the scope of this article. In any case women do want men who have their own lifes under control. Just as much as men women have a full appointment diary and can't find out whether every single man is interesting, determined and strong. Therefore women use a sometimes unjust, but effective selection procedure: They conclude a man's character and skills from the circumstances. They feel this within seconds. 


Demonstrate attractive features 



And now the big questions: What do women notice first? The appearance, thus the garments, the level of care and the figure of a man. From some distance, a woman just sees the garments and the overall appearance. Who makes an excellent impression, starts several levels higher. Severe deficits give the woman to understand that the man does not respect himself and lacks self-confidence. This complicates or even closes the door to approach her and to further interaction.

Learn soon more about dressing for a date


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And this is just the beginning.