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We establish a new category. Whether on a date, for business or in general: To take care of yourself is important, demonstrates self respect and boost the well-being. 


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Photo: Men’s Individual Fashion/ Haarstudio Wildangel
Photo: Men’s Individual Fashion/ Haarstudio Wildangel


Dress for a date


A date is something wonderful. Here you get a couple of ideas to mind your own appearance to make sure it will be a great time.  


Avoid the most common mistakes while dressing for a date — Where to start with style improvement? What should you focus on? — Special features of a date  Communicate personality best 


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The shoe defines the man!


Due to the outstanding role of fine shoe selection and conscientious care for man's wardrobe Men's Individual Fashion publishes an extraordinary solitary category dealing with man's shoes. 


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Find individual style and improve


To find the individual style is challenging but also very rewarding.



Find individual style and improve...